Corporate Event Planner

Corporate events are the best way to commemorate business related milestones and recognize employees’ hard work and performances. A corporate event serves as a great platform to launch a new product and promote togetherness and teamwork. So, why miss celebrating success and any of these achievements and happy moments?

Since every achievement of your business is significant, Corporate Event Planners at MyWeddingMyStyle help you hold memorable events for your employees, clients, and business partners. We work dedicatedly toward planning and executing your corporate event to make it a special and memorable event for your staff, clientele and business partners.


Our services are tailored at all those businesses that believe in honoring their employees’ hard work and celebrating each and every goal. We provide a wide range of corporate event planning services in FL to create an enjoyable experience for your guests. We handle every aspect of your event and work meticulously and dedicatedly toward its flawless execution.

Since we are full-service corporate event planning experts, we help you develop and manage your budget for the event, food & beverages, theme-based entertainment and décor to provide a creative and unique event experience. In fact, there is a lot more in our service portfolio.

Whether it is a small executive dinner or a major conference, we have expertise in planning and managing every corporate event. Our event staff has the knowledge, resources, and industry acumen to make your events spectacular and unforgettable.


Our professional and talented team helps you execute your event with care and professionalism. Our event staff takes complete responsibility of every detail of your event and offers facilities for presentations, catering and breakout sessions. Our planners check venue facilities and coordinate the logistics to help your event go off smoothly and successfully.


Don’t worry if you are planning an off-site meeting with your colleagues or coordinating a conference for 500 people because our expert planners focus on creating a dynamic event for your guests and attendees. We can plan and execute a successful corporate event for your company, whether it is a concert, a trade show or a sales meeting. From location scouting to unique audiovisual settings, we fulfill every need to give your guests an entertaining yet memorable experience. We have an extensive range of services and we offer them at the most competitive rates. We also offer customized services to meet your individual and specific needs.

Our event team is talented, gregarious, and efficient and helps you run your event as envisioned.


We know that each type of corporate event is different from the other. So, we make sure that we create, sustain, and incorporate the required atmosphere and theme flow to every event. Since we have knowledge and resources to work on every event and specification, we plan and execute all types of events for companies. Our specialties include business dinners, conferences, meetings, team building events, seminars, trade shows, networking events, opening ceremonies, product launches and much more.

So, hire our corporate event planners and give your guests an unforgettable and uplifting experience.