Event Design

Event Design
How to Narrow Down Your Event Design

Your event design doesn’t have to consist of white tablecloths and a centerpiec, times have changed. With all the unique venue options and endless rental selections, you can create and event design true to you. From classic and chic to bold and beautiful, it might seem like a huge challenge deciding what works for you. It’s ok to have many ideas.


Where Should You Start?

I like for my clients to look for design inspirations. Who are you? What their interest are. I then ask them personal questions as to who their favorit artist are, where they like to shop, their favorite shows and what their hobbies are. The hardest part of the design process is the process of elimination. If your event is in a rustic venue, your upscale decor may clash. Looking at the big picture is everything.  Making sure your venue goes with your style is everything.

Now that you’ve found the perfect venue to match your style, we can start. Let’s begin with your tablecloths and chairs as they will take up the most square footage. After we’ve decided on the tables and chairs we start to add the layers. When you have a specific design in mind all the other details fall into place.

The difference between events and weddings are events can go with themes and with your wedding you want to stay away from themey. Take your theme or thought and start diluting the actual items that inspire you. This will allow you to capture your look and feel without a theme when getting married. Now that you have decided what you want, stop looking. That’s right, no more pinterest, google or bridal shows. Design stress can come from continuing to search for things once you know what you want.

“There are so many options—really, too many—for design out there. It’s about finding what you like and what works in your space, and being happy with it. Remember, once your event designer and florist have placed orders, there’s no going back! It’s literally the point of no return.” The same goes for those last-minute details and ideas. “It’s like over-accessorizing your outfit. You looked good in your gown with a pair of earrings and a bracelet, but if you keep going you’re going to make your wedding look like a trian wreck”

How Can You Keep Your Theme Authentic and Accurate?

Research, research, research. “Make sure to study your theme thoroughly. I cring when I see indian decor at a moroccan themed event. There are nuances between different historical and geographical themes that, while they do have things in common, also serve to set the themes apart.” Pretend you’re a historian fact-checking for accuracy in a period movie: You don’t want to look foolish by using the wrong details that you could have easily confirmed, so double-check!


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