Perfect Photoshoot is all about you loving your photographer
Having a professional photographer is everything. Perfect Photoshoots are not only about the scenery but also about who is taking the photo.

1: MAKE SURE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH, WHEN CHOOSING A PHOTOGRAPHER and you will have the perfect photoshoot.  Follow them on facebook, check out their website. Make sure that their style is what you are looking for. Don’t choose a photographer just because you like one photo and please remember, the rule you get what you pay for does apply here. Have a conversation with him/her remember feeling the vibe is also important.

2: THE BIGEST MISTAKE IN THE PHOTOGRAPHY PROCESS IS NOT PLANNING OUR YOUR WEDDING OR SESSION. On the day of your wedding or event there are so many things taking place in such a short time. Capturing the perfect moments can be difficult if everyone is not on the same page. Taking time to plan your perfect pictures can make a big difference in how happy you and your photographer are with your photos. The best way to fall in love with your results is to first fall in love with your photographer

3: REMEMBER IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR GOOD SIDE. We all have our insecurities and we should always feel good with letting our photographer know. Take a look at some old photos of yourself and see how they make you feel. This will give you an idea as to how you perfer to have your pictures taken, it can also help you let your photographer know what you insecurities are. 

4: Remeber your love. Afterall, he will be in half the photos. You will be looking amazing and at your best so remember to help him stand out too.

5:  THE PERFECT PHOTOSHOOT IS ALL IN THE DETAIL. Make sure to use personal details. Small things that are important to you both. Make your photos as unique as you are. Let your photographer know who you both are and what you love. Great photography is all in the details and a real professional knows this. 

The most important thing to remember is have fun and let loose. This will make taking your photo easy

Photo Credit: Travis Daniels Photography



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