Design Manager

Chasity Laugier

Chasity has been an event designer and planner for over 10 years and has had the privilege of working alongside some of Florida’s most talented in the industry. Over the years, she executed hundreds of events, of all shapes and sizes, from large galas for Fortune 500 companies to intimate events.

She studied art and interior design at the Art Institute, which combined with her love of nature, set her towards floral design. Flowers are an amazing form of expression, combining organic beauty with structured elegance. After working in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina as a Florist she took her detail-oriented approach and keen focus and pursued a career in event planning and design.

“Creating a beautiful moment, environment and experience for a client is incredibly rewarding and energizing. While I lend my stylistic eye, I believe an event should truly reflect on the host, which is why I make the point to get to know all of my clients and understand what inspires them. It’s the personal touches that truly make an event memorable”.