Wedding Coordinator

The life changing moments are remembered forever. However, any kind of chaos, hassle, unexpected delays and inconvenience make those special moments of life outrageous. A wise bride and groom would never want this to happen on their wedding day.

Our Wedding Coordinators in offer their support, advices and services to assist couples in this regard so that newlywed couples begin their new journey in a relaxed and contented way.


A wedding comprises of many players, ceremonies and rituals. Wedding Coordinators at MyWeddingMyStyle make sure that every vendor performs their duties as asked and that every ceremony takes place in a timely manner. We have Day-Of as well as Month-of wedding directors, who on one hand coordinate the dos and don’ts, and on the other hand, provide assistance to the bride and groom prior and on their wedding day.

Precisely, our Day-of wedding directors offer their services on the wedding day only, the latter start executing their job few weeks before the actual wedding day.


If you think you won’t be able to formulate and coordinate wedding affairs, our wedding managers can alleviate your stress by offering their assistance. All they require from couples are the details about their likes, preferences and budget. Also, they plan the sequence of events and ceremonies and inform the concerned vendors beforehand so that they are found on the same page on your wedding day as you want them to be.

When clients communicate their vision to our wedding directors, it becomes easier for them to organize and manage wedding related errands.

Furthermore, they connect brides with most popular beauty salons and dress designers and coordinate with them on regular basis to avoid any panic near wedding day.


There is no need to freak out on your wedding day because our wedding coordinators take complete responsibility of coordinating with caterers, photographers, florists, decorators, etc. They make sure that food is delivered at the right time. Our wedding coordinators take care of the florists and musicians, check for wedding centerpieces and every little detail ensure nothing is missing in the menu or on the tables.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about lighting and seating of guests as they ensure beforehand that everything is adequate and ready.

They guide the couples’ family members as well as guests about their seating arrangement, their arrival time, and the wedding ceremonies.

We understand that brides remain anxious about dressing, photo sessions, make up etc. on their wedding day. Considering this, our wedding coordinating experts offer their consistent assistance to brides so that they feel relaxed.

Also, brides don’t need to fret about receiving gifts from guests and keeping them safe as they do this on your behalf while you exchange vows.

Wedding is a special event and it should take place in an organized manner. The would-be couples should contact our wedding coordinators if they really want everything perfect and wish to avoid snafus on their wedding day.