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Cascading Bouquets

By June 12, 2018 No Comments
Photo Credit by: Adaliz Desantis Photography
Cascading Bouquets

There’s a reason why cascading bouquets are so popular. A clutch of trailing blooms burst with a whimsical personality they are not tailored or tight. With a natural look, it almost seems as if the flowers were picked and loosely gathered together. They’re designed featuring blossoms draping downward on their stems, often accented with greenery. Sometimes they are called shower bouquets.

Although the idea of a “cascade” of flowers may make some brides nervous, it absolutely shouldn’t! Your florist secures your flowers so that they look perfectly undone without actually being loosely arranged. And don’t confuse “undone” with “messy,” either. A soft drape of blooms looks entirely put together when done right. Take the following cascading bouquets from real weddings for example. They proved that “cascading” can absolutely mean polished, and also showcased the fact that this style is about as diverse as it gets. You aren’t limited to specific types of blooms since just about any flower—from garden roses and dahlias to anemones and orchids—can be used in this type of arrangement.

Ready to consider something a little more relaxed and romantic for your big day? Then let these beautiful cascading bouquets from real weddings inspire your own arrangement. Trust us, falling florals will look wild, lush, and ultra-elegant against your wedding dress, whether you’re a bohemian, classic, or ultra-modern bride.


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